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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

Previous Members

[2011-2016] Sefa Kiliç – Biological Sciences PhD (UMBC) [Currently at: Google, Inc.]
[2011-2016] Patrick O’Neill – Biological Sciences PhD (UMBC) [Currently at: TycheRisk, Inc.]
[2012-2016] Dinara Sagitova – Biochemistry (UMBC) [Currently at: ]
[2011-2015] Robert Forder  – Mathematics PhD (UMBC) [Currently at: Omnitracs, Inc.]
[2013-2016] Nikko Stewart – Computer Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Blue Medora, Inc.]
[2013-2015] David Nicholson – Computer Sciences (UMBC)
[2013-2016] Talmo Pereira – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Princeton University]
[2013-2015] Jacob O’Bott – Statistics (UMBC) [Currently at: Perelton School of Medicine, U. Pennsylvania]
[2013-2015] Grace Chandler – Biological Sciences / Computer Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Microsoft, Inc.]
[2014-2016] Matthew Coveyou – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Accenture Federal Services]
[2012-2015] Caleb Simmons – Mathematics (UMBC) [Currently at: Freedmont Mortgage]
[2013-2014] Sara Kiffle – Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2012-2014] Elliot White – Biological Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Aerotek, Inc.]
[2009-2013] Joe Cornish – Biological Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: National Institutes of Health NIAID]
[2012-2013] Matthew Brewster – Mathematics (UMBC)
[2012-2013] Kathryn Cronise – Mathematics/Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2012-2013] Zachary Margulies – Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2012-2013] Scott Tiffin – Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2011-2012] Chad Elkins – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Accenture, Inc.]
[2011-2012] Ron O’Keefe – Biological Sciences  PhD (UMBC)
[2011-2012] [Jameel Gheba – Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2010-2012] Laura Anzaldi – Computer Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine]
[2011-2012] Sothiara Em – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: U.S. Census Bureau]
[2010-2011] Isaac Jensen – Computer Sciences (UMBC) [Dell EMC]
[2009-2011] Mindy Or – Computer Sciences (UMBC) [ThoughtWorks, Inc]
[2009-2010] Michael Budram – Computer Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Digital Innovation Institute]
[2009-2010] Nusrat Rahman – Biological Sciences PhD (UMBC)
[2009-2010] Nidhi Bhargava – Information Systems MS (UMBC) [Currently at: Expedia, Inc.]
[2009-2010] Fialelei Matthews – Biology / Computer Science (UMBC) [Currently at: Emory Grove]
[2008-2009] Jesse Fox – Biological Sciences PhD (UMBC) [Currently at: Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine]
[2008-2009] Demeke Kassaye – Bioinformatics (UMBC)
[2008-2009] Vivek Relan – Computer Sciences MS (UMBC) [Currently at: Amazon, Inc.]
[2008-2009] Sumeet Bagde – Computer Sciences MS  (UMBC)
[2008-2009] Rashida Williams – Biological Sciences (UMBC) [Currently at: Quality Biological, Inc.]
[2008-2009] Yahya Zia – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Imagine Believe Realize, LLC]
[2008-2009] Matt Ayers – Biological Sciences (UMBC)
[2008-2009] Ashenafi Tessema – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Pantheon, Inc.]
[2008-2009] Albert Kung – Bioinformatics (UMBC)
[2008-2009] Gerald Miller – Bioinformatics (UMBC) [Currently at: Leidos, Inc.]