Information theory and biological sequences: insights from an evolutionary perspective (PDF)

An discussion on the relationship between information theory, biology and thermodynamics, centered on transcription factor binding sites and cast in the light of evolutionary theory.

Printable version (PDF; has lost italics and some other formatting).

A gentle introduction to information content in transcription factor binding sites (PDF)

A gently paced introduction to the field of information theory and its application to the modeling of transcription factor binding motifs.

What is (in) a sequence logo? (PDF)

A short description of the concept of sequence logo and its roots in information theory.

Can information be negative? (PDF)

A discussion on (and rebuttal of) the “theoretical” notion that transcription factor binding motifs can carry “negative” information.

To weight or not to weight? (PDF)

An analysis of the efficiency of weighted vs. non-weighted methods for transcription factor-binding site search.