RCA – Relative Codon Adaptation index

Download the Excel macros to compute the RCA and other (CAI, RCBS) indices.

Download VBA modules (RAR file)

Download macro-enabled Excel 2003 Workbook (virus-free)

The workbook contains illustrated examples on the usage of each function.

A combined CAI + RCA calculator

RCAI-calc is an integrated calculator for both CAI and RCA indices. The program is written in C++ MFC for Ms-Windows platforms. It takes in a collection of sequences as a reference set and a group of sequences to be analyzed. Sequences can be entered either in FASTA or RAW text format. RCAI-calc outputs the CAI and RCA values for each sequence, and it can also generate a verbose output with the contribution of each codon to the CAI/RCA value.

Download RCAI_calc (RAR file)

Download RCAI_calc user manual (PDF file)


If using RCA for your research, please cite:

Fox JM, Erill I. (2011) “Relative codon adaptation: a generic codon bias index for prediction of gene expression”, DNA Res. 17(3):185-96[PubMed]